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  • We endeavour to create
    a culture of 'Three Cs' - Competence,
    Commitment and a Capacity for Change
  • We endeavour to create
    a culture of 'Three Cs' - Competence,
    Commitment and a Capacity for Change

Our Team

We believe that people contribute best when they are judged in accordance with their merit and under conditions of open opportunities, challenges and reward commensuration with performance. That given an open and transparent system, people are able to accept leadership, followership and peer ship. That people at work are developed in their interpersonal relationships thus helping the organization in managing its change process.

We endeavour to create a culture of ‘Three Cs’ – Competence, Commitment and a Capacity for Change, at the top, which cascades down the line nurturing the management’s approach to its employees. The strength of human resource culture of our Organization lies in a systematic approach towards development of human potential.

To create an environment in which progressive and positive forces focus on an individual strengths.

To design, implement and update a human resource management system that will result in feedback for the organization as follows:

Generating systematic information about human resources.

Developing a broad feedback for organizational development.

Increase the Organisational capability to recruit, retain, motivate all employees and especially nurture the talented employees.

The major Objective of Human Resource nurturing in KWALITY is to build a strong, well-meshed and well-developed team, which will contribute to the wellbeing of the Organization and will motivate and instil pride in the employees.

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