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  • Your health and safety
    is the most important aspect and
    we take this extremely seriously.

Health and Safety

At Gaylord Catering we are committed to maintain a very strict health and safety policy at all the events we organise and manage. Every step of the way we ensure legislation is considered and applied to every individual event. Our processes have been incorporated and are applied at every critical stage - from buying of raw materials, storage, production, post-production and transportation. We have the latest food standards and our facilities are registered and approved as food production premises.

We work only with contractors and suppliers who are equally committed to health and safety procedures and hold the relevant and appropriate health and safety certificates. Before any event final checks are conducted, making sure all equipment, decor and lighting is safe to use, as well as making sure that all walkways and fire exits are clear.

All decor, including materials and props used are fire retardant and all electrical equipment is PAT tested and approved. Strict health and hygiene regulations are observed at all times. Risk assessments, action plans and method statements are in place to ensure a safe working environment for all guest, staff and suppliers.

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