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  • Kwality... a brand name
    that evokes immediate recognition
    in today's fast changing market.

The Kwality Group

KWALITY - a brand name that evokes immediate recognition and respect in today's fast changing food & beverage market. Kwality is a brand that has made a connection with an entire generation of North Indians. For an entire generation of children who grew up in Delhi and surrounding regions, having an ice-cream meant finding a Kwality vendor. This is the magic of Kwality.

Almost 75 years ago, P. L. Lamba wanted to create a company whose very name would reflect the service standard of all its future products - where the highest quality food products would be served at the best price to satisfy the taste buds of an experimental Delhi. With this mission in mind, in 1940 he opened the first Kwality restaurant in Delhi's famous Connaught Place and thus was born one of the most recognized brand names of the country - KWALITY - a rich legacy that has continued to this day.

Within just a few years, the Kwality restaurant became the most popular food joint for the people of Delhi. The name was an instant hit and a generation on the verge of national independence saw the Indian food chain as a symbol of our national pride.

Today, over 75 years later, that pride is undiminished and from its humble beginnings, the Kwality Group today successfully runs the famous Asiad Village restaurant complex. P. L. Lamba's gen-next Sunil and Dhruv Lamba have taken the family legacy into the future with pulsating new ideas like The Breads and More cafe chains in India and the Express food courts in various malls and hospitals.

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